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U.S. Virgin Islands to Reopen To Tourists June 1

U.S. Virgin islands
U.S. Virgin Islands To Reopen June 1

The U.S. Virgin Islands will reopen its doors to travelers on Monday, June 1, 2020. Commissioner of Tourism Joseph Boschulte declared that the territory is finalizing public health and tourism protocols for the return of visitors to "America's paradise" in less than a week's time.

That will make the US Virgin Islands the first Caribbean destination to officially reopen for tourism. 

“Over the past several weeks, we have been building COVID-19 mitigation and response capacity, and preparing protocols to protect the health and safety of residents and visitors alike,” said Commissioner Boschulte. “We did not want to rush to reopen in reaction to what other destinations are doing. Instead, we have engaged in data-driven, risk-based analysis, in conjunction with the Virgin Islands Department of Health and federal guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other stakeholders.”

Guidance includes procedures for operating reception and concierge facilities; cleaning and housekeeping; managing dining rooms; and providing technical and maintenance services. There is also specific guidance for taxi, van, safari and limo services, restaurants and bars, and accommodations.

As summer season approaches, many countries are trying to figure out how to revive the travel industry. Greece has recently announced it expects to open its borders by July, Iceland said it will start welcoming tourists on June 15, Aruba expects to open by July.

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