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Top 10 Destinations to Celebrate New Year's Eve!

Top 10 Destinations to Celebrate New Year's Eve

When a year passes by, and a new one is imminently approaching, it’s crucial that you celebrate in style. You’ll want to wave goodbye to the year just gone, and welcome the new one with big open arms, knowing that there are endless opportunities on the horizon. But, with so many amazing places around the world, how can you possibly decide which one to be in when the clock strikes 12. What is the best destination to have the most memorable celebration of the year? How to pick the best New Years Eve events? Well, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorite places to celebrate New Year

Dubai, UAE

Top 10 Destinations to Celebrate New Year's Eve

Dubai is quickly becoming the epicenter of luxury throughout the world. But, it’s arguably most known for having the tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa.

As one of the most iconic and luxurious cities on Earth, it's certainly an unforgettable place to spend December 31. From incredible fireworks displays that light up Burj Khalifa, to lavish dinners and parties on Palm Jumeirah - an evening in Dubai is sure to live up to all expectations. Come and discover why this is truly an unforgettable destination for ringing in the new year!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ready for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration? Then it's time to plan your trip to Rio de Janeiro, the international hot spot of culture and excitement! Each year, the exotic city erupts in an enthusiastic frenzy of music, costumes and street parties - making it one of the world's top destinations for New Year's celebrations. Experience the unique sights and sounds that only Rio can offer, plus all its traditional festivities like lavishing feasts and beautiful fireworks displays. So get your dancing shoes ready! It's time to bring in 2023 with style in sunny Rio de Janeiro.

What better way to see the New Year in than to stand on the Copacabana beach, with your loved ones, and witness a multitude of fireworks explode into the sky. Typically, the weather will still be warm there, so that’s an added bonus!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Do you want to experience the most exciting and unique way to bring in the New Year? Then you need to check out Reykjavik's annual "Welcome 2023" celebration! This thrilling event is quickly gaining momentum as one of Europe's must-see experiences for travelers looking for something truly special. From spectacular fireworks displays with heart-stopping aerial stunts, to lively street festivals with live music, delicious food, and fun activities, Reykjavik is sure to deliver a memorable New Year like no other!

Begin the evening like a true local by watching the annual New Year’s Eve comedy show, which is broadcast nationally. Then, head outside and see the fireworks being set off by roughly the whole population of the city. To be precise – approximately 200,000 people

London, UK

Dozens and dozens of people stand beside the water on the river Thames, and they wait for the clock to hit 12 on the famous Big Ben. Then, you’ll see the houses of parliament, Big Ben and plenty of other iconic features light up with fireworks and mesmerizing displays.

New York City, USA

Ahhh, the Big Apple! This is by far one of the most popular to welcome New Year , and for a good reason too! Over a million people pack into Times Square to watch the giant ball descend from the top of the Times Square Building as the seconds count down. You can have an amazing New Year Eve dinner in one of many NYC world-class restaurants or take a New Year's Eve cruise to view the stunning Manhattan skyline!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Enjoy yourself with world-class musical performances, authentic Scottish dancing and lots of fancy dress at the prestigious Hoganay celebration. Then, at 12, get ready for the awesome fireworks display!

Sydney, Australia

Top 10 Destinations to Celebrate New Year's Eve

First, you’ll have the fireworks which include aerial messages in the night sky, and a boat parade which is lit up. Then, you’ll be able to take part in a massive dance part at Bondi Beach!

Paris, France

How about welcoming 2023 in the most romantic city in the word? The New Year period is when the streets of Paris really come alive. But, they do so because everyone comes to witness the wonderful light show and fireworks at the one and only, Eiffel Tower.

Miami, USA

Picture a 35-foot illuminated ‘Big Orange’ being lowered from the Inter-Continental Miami as the January'1st rolls in, and then a ton of fireworks being set off from Bayfront Park. Head to this region this year and you will have the greatest party on New Year's Eve!

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas may well be the city of sin, but it certainly comes up good on New Year’s Eve. This is mainly because the city is so popular, and when the streets are shut off for over 300,000 people, you can really feel a warm, positive aura as you see in the New Year.

No matter where you decide to celebrate New Year, the most important is to believe in magic, stay positive and make a wish at midnight! Happy New Year!

Top 10 Destinations to Celebrate New Year's Eve

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