Antigua and Barbuda Will Reopen To International Tourists June 4

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Antigua will reopen June 4

Antigua and Barbuda will reopen its borders to international visitors starting June 4th.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority, Colin James, in confirming the American Airline flight, told the meeting that “American Airlines, first airline indicating that they will be coming back on the fourth of June, that will be a daily flight from Miami.

“AA has indicated that they do not have schedules yet for New York and Charlotte, those will most likely be later in July. And as New York is still a hot spot for COVID -19 cases, it would be one of the last cities that we would actually open up,” James said.

To be allowed into the country, travelers will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport. New safety protocols will include built-in breaks for taxi drivers to wash their hands at hotels after dropping off passengers. All hospitality workers will be tested for the coronavirus before going back to work.

As summer season approaches, many countries are trying to figure out how to revive the travel industry. Greece has recently announced it expects to open its borders by July, Iceland said it will start welcoming tourists on June 15, Aruba expects to open by July.

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