4-in-1! Fly to Italy, Greece, Spain, England and back from $446!

Are you finally ready to explore Europe? Take advantage of this incredibly cheap flight deal to 4 iconic European cities: London, Barcelona, Athens and Rome. Enjoy the diversity of these unique countries and decide which one is your favorite!

Depart: NYC, Boston, Miami, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago , Denver, Atlanta, Toronto, Montreal

Arrive: London, Rome, Athens and Barcelona

Dates: April-December'2019

Duration: 3 nights at each destination

Type of flight: Round-trip, multi-city, non-stop (hotels are not included)

Airlines: Norwegian, Ryanair, Level, Wow, Vueling, EasyJet(low-cost airlines)

Baggage fees may apply

From NYC ($457):


From Boston ($446):


From Washington, DC ($609):

MIAMI from $651

CHICAGO from $566

ATLANTA from $661

LOS ANGELES from $596

DENVER from $655

TORONTO from $520

MONTREAL from $591


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