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$495 Eurotrip: Multi City Flight to Madrid, Lisbon, Paris and Rome

Madrid, Lisbon, Paris and Rome

Are you longing to discover the charms of Southern Europe? Looking ahead to your vacation but need a bit of inspiration on where to go? Well, look no further! This amazing trip allows you to experience all the beauty and culture that Madrid, Paris, Lisbon and Rome have to offer – without having to plan four separate trips or worry about packing up every few days. With this multi-city flight, you can enjoy the best food, sightseeing opportunities and rich histories offered by each unique capital city - all in one dreamy journey!

Take advantage of this incredibly cheap flight deal to 4 iconic European cities: Madrid (Spain) , Lisbon (Portugal), Paris (France) and Rome (Italy). Enjoy the diversity of these unique countries and decide which one is your favorite!


  • NYC

  • Boston

  • Washington, DC

  • Los Angeles

  • Toronto


  • Madrid , Spain

  • Rome , Italy

  • Paris, France

  • Lisbon, Portugal

Dates: 2023

Duration: 3 nights at each destination

Type of flight: Round-trip, multi-city (hotels are not included)

Airlines: Norse, Ryanair, Wizz, Level, Vueling, TAP, Air Europa

Baggage fees may apply

How to book:

Use the provided links below, adjust your dates, number of passengers and book your flights from

From NYC ($495):

From Boston ($674):

MIAMI $686


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