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$844 Eurotrip: London, Amsterdam and Berlin with Flights and Hotels from USA and Canada!

Eurotrip: London, Amsterdam and Berlin with Flights and Hotels

After spending countless hours of online research, comparing multiple travel websites, scanning different flight routes, we designed the most affordable package to 3 iconic European destinations: London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Berlin (Germany).

You can easily book this Eurotrip package from the reliable websites using the links we provided. This is a do-it-yourself (DIY) travel package which means you will need to book each segment of this trip individually. The good news: you can easily modify it by changing the duration of your stay at each destination or book different accommodations. However, the prices are accurate at the time of publication and can change any moment, so you have to act fast!

Three countries: England, Germany and Netherlands. One unforgettable odyssey. Hit Europe's most iconic destinations in 9 days. Visit famous landmarks like The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Dam Square of Amsterdam and iconic Big Ben in London. Try world's famous delicacies. Enjoy German Schnitzel , try Amsterdam's street food of bitterballen (breaded balls of ragout), fries (try the patat oorlog topped with mayo, peanut sauce and raw onions!) and finish it up with English tea in London.

How to book:

Step 1: Book flights to London, Amsterdam and Berlin from your city with just one click using the links below. You can simply adjust the dates duration at each destination. ( We recommend staying at least 3 days at each city).

Step 2: Book accommodations at each destination separately either using the links below. You can choose the recommended hotels or select the ones you like. Use the hotel search tools below and find the best rates!


  • NYC

  • Boston

  • Los Angeles

  • Washington, DC

  • Atlanta

  • Miami

  • Montreal

  • Other Departure cities are available (See below)


  • London (UK)

  • Berlin (Germany)

  • Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Duration: 3 days at each destination

Dates: Various dates in 2023

Price includes:

  • Flights

Round trip flights to Europe from multiple US cities and Canada

Flights between London, Berlin and Amsterdam

  • Accommodations

Type of trip: Independent, DIY

The price is based on double occupancy

Solo travelers pay extra fees

This is one of our DIY travel packages, which means you will have to book your flight and accommodations separately.


Eurotrip: London, Amsterdam and Berlin with Flights and Hotels

Eurotrip: London, Amsterdam and Berlin with Flights and Hotels

Germany, England and Netherlands in one trip

For other departure cities click the link below and adjust your departure city:


$85/person based on double occupancy)

London hotels

Adjust your dates and book a hotel in London


(Total:$225 for 3 nights

$112/person )



(Total: $276 for 3 nights

$138/person )

Where to stay in Amsterdam?


Price breakdown: Flights from NYC $509+Hotels $335=$844 per person

Please note this is only an example of DIY package from NYC for selected dates. The total price will vary depending on your departure city, dates and selected hotels

Eurotrip: London, Amsterdam and Berlin with Flights and Hotels from USA and Canada

If you need an assistance booking this package or wish to modify it by adding extra destinations, like our Facebook page and inbox us the details! Our services are free of charge! We will be happy to help!

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