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U.S.-Canada Non-Essential Travel Ban Will Be Extended Till July 21


According to the report by news agency Reuters, the governments of both nations will extend the non-essential travel ban until July 21.

Non-essential travel restrictions between two Northern American countries countries were implements in March and been reviewed every 30 days and extended twice already. In May, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolfe said, "non-essential travel will not be permitted until this administration is convinced that doing so is safe and secure."

On June 10, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said in the news conference that the U.S.-Canada border closure agreement is working, with essential business travel continuing.

As summer season approaches, many countries are trying to figure out how to revive the travel industry. Greece has recently announced it expects to open its borders by July, Iceland said it will start welcoming tourists on June 15, Aruba expects to open by July.

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