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Stonehenge's Summer Solstice Event Will Be Livestreamed This Year For The First Time In The History

Updated: Jun 13, 2020


Each year on June 21, visitors from around the world gather at Stonehenge overnight to mark the summer solstice and to see the sunrise above the stones. This year you will be able to watch this magical show without leaving your couch, from anywhere in the world!

The free event has historically been open to the public, but in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus, organizers have decided to cancel the event and will instead hold a livestream.

The English Heritage organization will stream the summer solstice sunrise from their Facebook page on the morning of Sunday, June 21 local time. They’ll start broadcasting at sunset on June 20. To get more more information about this virtual event click here.

Some interesting facts about Stonehenge:

1. It's one of the most ancient landmarks on the planet. The oldest elements date back to around 3000 BCE.

2. In its early days, Stonehenge used to be a cemetery.

3. There are two kinds of stones found at Stonehenge—larger sarsens and smaller bluestones. Archaeologists believe the bluestones came from Preseli Hills, which is about 140 miles from Stonehenge.

4. It's a mystery how the rocks arrived on site. An average sarsen weighs 25 tons, while the bluestones weigh anywhere from 2 to 5 tons.

As summer season approaches, many countries are trying to figure out how to revive the travel industry. Greece has recently announced it expects to open its borders by July, Iceland said it will start welcoming tourists on June 15, Aruba expects to open by July.

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