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Around South America from $963! Fly to Bogota, Lima, Rio, Buenos Aires, Santiago and back!

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South America

Are you ready to conquer South America continent? We've found a super cool flight deal from US cities. You will spend 3 nights at each destination: Bogota, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile. Can you even imagine waking up in different country every 3 days in one epic trip-a lifelong fantasy for many travelers!



  • NYC

  • Washington, DC

  • Miami

  • Dallas

  • Chicago

  • Los Angeles

  • Houston

  • Other departure cities are available


  • Lima

  • Bogota

  • Rio de Janeiro

  • Santiago de Chile

  • Buenos Aires

Dates: 2020

Duration: 3 nights at each destination

Type of flight: Round-trip, multi-city (hotels are not included)

Airlines: Interjet, Viva Air, JetSmart, Flybondi, Azul, Spirit (low-cost airlines)

Baggage fees may apply


How to book:

Use the provided links below, adjust your dates, number of passengers and book your flights from

You can also modify the number of days at each destinations or add more cities to your trip

From Miami ($963)



WASHINGTON, DC from $1103

NYC from $1078

ATLANTA from $1087

CHICAGO from $1068

DALLAS from $994

LOS ANGELES from $1082

HOUSTON from $1061

If you don't see your departure city, click any link above and change the origin city


This deal doesn't include accommodations but you can find cheap rates at

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Activities and Tours

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