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2-in-1! Florence and Venice vacation from $899!

Updated: Dec 11, 2019


On this vacation 8-day vacation from go-today, you’ll have an open itinerary for exploring two of Italy’s most famous cities. Florence, the center of Italy’s art scene, was home to artists Michelangelo and Botticelli and is where the famous David still stands. In waterlogged Venice, gondolas still transport passengers around using the city’s famous canals. In fact, cars aren’t allowed anywhere near the stately churches and historical piazzas. Take time to explore art galleries or sip local wine at a sidewalk bistro.


  • NYC


  • Florence

  • Venice

Duration: 8 days

Type of trip: Vacation package

Dates: February-September'2020

What's included:

  • Flight

  • Hotels

  • Second-class reserved rail ticket from Florence to Venice

  • Daily breakfast

  • All taxes

Based on double occupancy

Source: Livingsocial


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