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Czech borders will be fully open to citizens of certain countries by July

Czech Republic opens its borders by July

Czech Republic plans to open its borders to four neighboring countries-Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

From April'24, Czech nationals are allowed to visit foreign countries. However they have to present either negative results of test for coronavirus or obliged to stay two weeks on quarantine upon return. Authorities still recommend to refrain from visiting foreign countries this year.

Czech Republic was one of the first countries in Europe to declare a state of emergency in March imposing some of the strictest measures on public life to prevent the spread of the virus. Health Minister Adam Vojtech said: "We are clearly saying now that we are able to relatively manage the pandemic here, it is not the pandemic managing us."

As of 30 March 2020, the so-called “smart quarantine” project has started up in test mode. The project involves tracing past contacts of people who test positive for the virus by creating “maps of their movements” with the help of banks and mobile phone operators. As of 25 May– restaurants, accommodation services, taxi services, tattoo salons, theaters, cultural and sporting events (limit on number of participants, weddings, indoor expositions of zoological gardens will start reopening.

An emergency situation regime is in force in the Czech Republic from March 12 until at least May 17.

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