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The Maldives To Reopen For All Tourists in July With Almost No Restrictions


At the end of May, Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed revealed Maldives’ plan for welcoming tourists back. It included mandatory extra fees, testing on arrival, a minimum 14-night stay in self-isolation. In addition, travelers had to apply for a tourist visa in advance.

Now, the country decided to change the original plan and introduced quite the opposite set of rules. The Maldives will no longer require visitors to: apply for visas in advance, self-isolate, test on arrival or stay for at least 14 nights.

No definite date in July has been announced yet and we are not sure if this recently proposed plan won't be changed again..

As summer season approaches, many countries are trying to figure out how to revive the travel industry. Greece has recently announced it expects to open its borders by July, Iceland said it will start welcoming tourists on June 15, Aruba expects to open by July.

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